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Since 2007, Syllabs has been helping media outlets with their editorial strategies through two complementary solutions: generating local news and driving traffic to existing content. Since covering the elections in 2015 with Le Monde (a world first), Syllabs has become the go-to solution for French media groups with automated content generation projects. The information we produce complements the work of journalists, freeing them of the need to produce repetitive, factual content, while raising the profile of existing editorial content (through automated landing pages, article linking and tagging).


Helping media meet the challenges of digitalization

  • Regularity

    Recurrent topics (weekly and/or daily) to create fresh local coverage

  • Visibility

    Content integrating keywords and landing pages to optimize your search engine rankings

  • Traffic

    Attractive local information to attract new readers

  • Retention

    Semantic links and tags to grab your readers’ attention and promote all your content

  • Generating new content

  • Driving traffic to existing content

  • Supporting subsidized R&D projects

They already trust us

  • Le Monde
  • Ouest-France
  • AFP
  • Mediafin
  • Nice-Matin
  • Radio-France
  • BNF-Partenariats
  • La Nouvelle-République
  • Sud-Ouest

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