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Image FAQ
Image FAQ
  • How does Syllabs AI work?

    Founded by artificial intelligence and linguistics experts, Syllabs merges two visions: probabilistic (building a large corpus and applying machine learning methods) and symbolic (drawing on human intelligence to define the rules for machine text generation). To satisfy our clients, we choose the best method pragmatically, flexibly and with effective performance in mind.

  • Who designs the text engines?

    Syllabs text engines draw on a team of highly skilled experts:

    • - Data engineers prepare the data (clients, external providers or open sources) to be exploited by the engines.
    • - Writers design the texts that will be produced by each client, adapted to its editorial style.
    • - Language engineers and IT experts define the engine settings or rules, imagining different possibilities for handling the same information to guarantee textual variety and quality.

  • What’s a robot journalist?

    For us, there’s no such thing! A robot is not a journalist since it can only write texts in a specific field using the data fed to it. It is incapable of conducting an interview, reacting to news or commenting on events. Sometimes the terms “robot reporter” and “robot writer” are used, which are equally misleading. Human writers can produce content on any type of subject and understand what they have written. A machine is incapable of doing so. At Syllabs, we prefer to talk about text engines that use data to generate a text and present the information in different ways.

  • Do you do content spinning?

    No! Content spinning or article spinning uses a program to take parts of existing text and rewrite them with synonyms and various grammar tricks to create new versions. The goal of content spinners is to artificially increase the number of pages on a website detected by Google. This method does not follow Google’s webmaster guidelines.

  • What type of company can work with Syllabs?

    Any type of company can use Syllabs. If you need regular content on the same topic and have the data to feed into our text engines, Syllabs is for you!

  • Do I need to provide a minimum volume of content to launch a Syllabs text engine?

    There is no minimum volume of content when your needs match an existing text engine: we simply provide you with access to the right web interface. You do, however, need enough content to make the investment worthwhile if your project requires a new text engine, since this takes at least one month of highly skilled development work.

  • What type of content can Syllabs generate?

    We can generate any type of content if the data exists and can be exploited. We regularly design new types of content for our clients. Please contact us and tell us about your ambitions! Here are just some of the types of content we produce:

    • - Descriptions of products, places and services
    • - Personalized emails and newsletters
    • - Local news
    • - Social network posts
    • - Technical and financial reports
    • - And more!

  • How do I integrate your solution?

    Unlike automated text generation services based on enterprise software, Syllabs requires no integration work. We provide turnkey solutions through our web-based software as a service (SaaS) platform, managing everything from data processing to text delivery. In fact, our teams work with you from the start of your project to provide advice and guide you to the most effective solution for your needs.